Some Strange And Dangerous Facts About Ludo Star Game

Dangerous Disclosures about Ludo Star Game. What’s inside the game?

Islamabad (Monitoring Desk) Today, social media has a “Ludo Star” game, with which comments have become the top trend. Recently, the game has been declare non-Islamic, by our Molana’s. And on the other hand, this news has become famous that Indian agencies are spying Pakistanis through “Ludo Star Game“.


Friends Play Game On Board At Home


So that game should be boycott in all Pakistan. It’s funny to hear how a spy is possible through a game. What can the enemy elements gain by spying a common person? But this fact is true. I gather all the information about this and we will share this with you.


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Ludo Star Is Halal Or Haram?

That modern technology has revolutionized every sector of life; the traditional detective system has also become electronic. If you consider, the tips on the sidebar on Facebook are tailored to your tendency and temperament.


That’s not, if you receive a friend’s phone call or message. That you do not have add on your Facebook account. In a few days, you can see this friend’s profile on Facebook in your friend list. Do you never think it’s strange.


India used ludo star to collect information about Pakistan

This is because Facebook is recording all your calls and messages on your mobile phone. Other devices of hacking include software targeting Windows, Android, Apple IOS / OSX and Linux operating systems and internet routers.


The horror truth revealed in 2013 by Edward Snowden, CIA’s former technical assistant, in the wake of the British newspaper “The Guardian”. Aware of the world’s digital spy program “Perism”, according to which the US Secret Agencies Due to the media. Nine major internet companies are getting direct information about users from Facebook, YouTube, Skype, Apple, Paul Talk, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo.


Ludo Star Apk


The United States National Security Agency, Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters and the Mossad of Israel, is the largest source of digital spy in the world that has hundreds of NGOs, technology companies and personal images, videos, emails, and other information through different firms.


To access three major sources of digital spy all over which internet are accessed. Through multiple apps mobile accessibility, camera, mic and other secret parts are accessed.

What Happen When You Install Ludo Star Game On Your Mobile

When we install an app, they are sending our data to different servers. According to recent research, 53% apps steal data, a common example of Flashlight app intended to flash a mobile in the dark, but it stolen your contact list.


The second major source is Fiber Optic through which global communications are monitor.


According to Guardian, the UK has access to two hundred fiber optic cables, through which they can monitor six hundred million communications daily. In addition to phone tapping, 18 viruses (Trojan) are create every day, to access people digital data.


Ludo Star Game Access Your Private Data


The question is that the investment capabilities of billions of dollar investments on the spy of ordinary people are the goals of global institutions, its easy answer is that, according to the New Yorkshire order, every country is to establish its monopoly globally. The person wants to go to any extent. For this purpose everyone’s thinking, transaction, registrations on the Internet.


Animals and all interests are recorded continuously in the database. Basic information relates to a region because the nation in which you are present can easily understand. Overall psychological behavior of people of the globe.


All type of information is at risk:

You can easily create a zodiac about the collective ideas, actions, reactions and expectations of the nations. These are the information that the world powers keep in mind the conditions of life, psychology and economy of a country.


Do it According to the Washington Post report, the US secret agencies expand spy network to collect information about chemical and surgical weapons in Pakistan in the 178 pages documented by the Top Deposit Budget Documents Black Budget.


Ludo star game


According to the March 2013 revelations, Pakistan is rank second in the list of global detective organizations, in which a quarter of almost 30 billion people information has been reports in a month.


Spying on the system, this shows that AD Laxmi Indian forces are becoming increasingly engage to gather informational and special facts about Pakistani people.



There is a risk everywhere when you connect to internet. Even if you install facebook app it ask for your permission to access your private data. For example your call logs, pictures and contacts. And when they need they will used your information any where they want. The only safety is that install ludo star or other 3rd party apps in your computer. Daily scan your computer with viruses with updated antivirus. I also like “ludo star game” but we can’t ignore this risk as well.


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Update about ludo star data accessing:

After all this misconceptions, Ludo star game declare that they only use our data to make this game more awesome. And they will assure that they can’t share this data with any third person. On the other hand, trust me it’s only a wrong humor about this ludo star game.


Because Facebook, google app and every app like games and social media apps needs to access our data. If we can’t give them access you can’t play this game with your Facebook friends. In short,  this game is safe to play. I am also little bit confused after this humor. But now i also play this game everytime and i have 10m coins at this time and i am at on 9 level. Please comment your coins and level. You can also download ludo star online for computer from the link below:


Ludo Star Is Now 100% Secure 


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