People Top Reviews And Suggestions About Ludo Star Game

Ludo Star Game Reviews And Suggestions From Facebook Page

People Top Reviews And Suggestions About Ludo Star Game

Review Number 1:

What is this after winning 2 games of 20,20 million continuously i should move from 97.9 m to 117.9 m but instead from moving 117.9 m my coins have been decreased from 97.9 m to 87.9 m. And my winning ratio have also been decreased from 66% to 64% ?? Ludoo star fix this bug or slowly slowly you guys will lost your popularity and people will uninstall this game from their mobiles. I am a big fan of this game Don’t disappoint me and others like me.

Ludo Star Game Review 1

Review Number 2:

Give me back my owned coins !! yeaah thats a warning I will not play this game anymore and ask my 1500 friends to uninstall also.
My earnings are not adding in league and my my coins are subtracting within a wink of an eye My 100m is Disappeared Why? Return me Any how
you guys are giving this in return ???

Ludo Star Game Review 2

Review Number 3:

1 starr
at starting game was good now its getting worse and worse day by day
1) coins reducing again again by opening app (around 70million gone) from last night
2) sleepy poor support system never ever fix anyones prob never replies on Facebook or anywhere emails etc lots of bugs
3)everyday stuck at loading problems as well ?
1 star
worst it is getting day by day better to delete this app.

Ludo Star Game Review 3

Review Number 4:

What the fu*k wrong with you coins decreased to 47 million from 59 million

Earlier also I lost my 100 million. And your support team also not respond to any message.

What is wrong with you guys.
You told that it will be credited after sometime but nothing happened.

Instead of 160million I am only having 47million.

Fix the bug else if any other game company will come you guys will be kicked off.

Ludo Star Game Review 4

Review Number 5:

Instead of winning matches worth millions , the gold is simply reducing !! And the league position instead of going to a higher rank remains low! Rubbish update! Your game sucks now ! 😡😡😡

Ludo Star Game Review 5

Review Number 6:

I keep losing money without even playing !!! I’ve lost about 100 M !!! And the gem is frozen on 0 even when i use dice i get 10 then after minutes it becomes 0 again !!! What is this !!!! Totally disappointing !!!

Ludo Star Game Review 6

Review Number 7:

the problem still there, i am losing the coins,  i have only 3++ million and it is going down. to get there it took me month and going down is taking only day (not even days). do something before i lose everything and delete the game….😡

Ludo Star Game Review 7

Review Number 8:

Gold missing… I have won two games first 50k and second 250k my gold shown as 3.88M but when game restarted it became 3.3M where is gold from two games???? Plz fix this problem nd return myn gold

Ludo Star Game Review 8

Review Number 9:

It is still happening. You losers stealing our coins. I won more than 150m from last night. But no coins. No league update. Everytime i open game. It steals 20m, 30m or 50m.. Wtf???

Ludo Star Game Review 9

Review Number 10:

Ludo star is even not deserves star you are thief star you took all my coins that I got.

Ludo Star Game Review 10

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