Magic Ludo

Magic Ludo Game:

Magic Ludo Game Description:

Magic Ludo is a very great game that you can play online on In this game you have four tokens and a single die. You just want to role the die and when any number comes from one to six. Then you have to move your tokens. The Magic Ludo is the two and four player games. Every person roll the dies and move their tokens. This is very interesting online strategy board game that you will play with your friends. This game is little bit old online game and there new version is ludo star game. But this game is the best ludo game at their time.


And this is the only ludo game in the whole internet in 2015. But when ludo star is coming they break all previous records. And now he hits the 5 million downloads. The ludo game is only famous in India and Pakistan. But people from all over the world also play this game.


Ludo Game Instructions And How To Play:

In this game you firstly want static internet connection. Then play the game and wait for fifteen seconds. When a Ludo game welcome screen arriving. Click on play button and start playing. This game is only played by with your mouse.


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