Thank you for visiting the ludo star official forum website. As the gamers have, had their fair share of online games and things they are used too. So, the latest game app that has been grabbed the attention of mobile game players, is Ludo Star.

Ludo Star Official

It was not just a gaming app, but it was about tradition, it was about history, it was about classical games. Yes, the mobile game has got high popularity since its launch this year. In short, people are choosing this online game to play with their friends, family and also to make new friends using their hand devices.


Ludo Star Game 2018

Ludo Star is the modern version of classic Ludo board game, which has been played for centuries. Before we learn something about Ludo star, let’s take a look on Classic Ludo board game.

Ludo star updated apk for android google play

Ludo star updated Apk for android google play

What Is Classic Ludo


Ludo star لڈو سٹار the first-ever board game which was created, back in 3500 BC has been a great time killer from one generation to the next generations. And yes, it’s one of the most popular games of all time, especially in Asian countries. It’s a test of mental skills, mental approach, your behavior towards others. Almost in each house of India and Pakistan, most of the house members have skills or you can say the ability to play Ludo.

In the classic game of Ludo, it involves 2 to 4 players, in which each player rolls dice to take tokens from start point to home to get the finish. One who makes all the tokens into the home first will be the winner.

Ludo Board Game

The classic game board of Ludo was originated in India(at that time India is a much bigger country that includes Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri-Lanka, Afghanistan & some other countries). At that time, it was known as Parcheesi. Playing some games on a board has an old history in Indian Sub-Continent & their traces can be found in the caves of Caves of Ajanta, India.

This is a solid proof to the questions raised about the history of Classic Ludo Board Game. So, this board game spread to many countries as the trade begins between Indian traders and traders from other parts of the world, especially in England. This game went to other countries in the late nineteenth century. In 1896, One of its version was invented called as Parcheesi and was later named as Ludo.

If we talk about the rules of classic Ludo, they are much simple as they can. Each of the players in the game has their own pieces at the starting line on the corner of the board of the game. A player needs to throw the 6 to bring the piece into the board game. The piece will advance as the eyes thrown from the dice. When a player reaches the point, which is already held by another piece, the piece will return to the starting line. The player who reaches the finish line first will be the winner of the game. For that, the player needs to throw the most appropriate number to reach the destination fast.


Ludo Journey from Classic Board to Smartphones:

As the technology advances, many board game players left board games and moved towards game apps provided by Android. Gradually, the number of players playing classic traditional games started decreasing so, as the Ludo has gone down too.

Some of them think that the classic board game is outdated in today’s world. As you know, most of the time people love to follow traditions, values, customs and the things in which their forefathers were involved. So, game developers were working on the ideas to develop game apps providing them the facility to play classics of all time. Many classic board games have been launched in the recent past.


Early Time of Ludo Star:-

Gameberry Labs from Bangalore, India were working on creative and innovative ideas around mobile games following the trend of the latest technologies in the field of games development. So, following their experience, these Indian game developers launched super hit classic board game for Android on March 9th, 2017 which has broken many records and finds its place in many in past few months as it’s the number of players has increased significantly in recent times. After a successful launch for Android, it has been launched for iOS. Now, it is available for both Android and iOS users and they can also play between them. So, it’s available on your mobile screens with just a few taps.

Ludo Star Official

Ludo Star Official

Ludo Star Online Game:

You can play Ludo star on your PC, Macintosh, and Laptops using any operating system. You can play it online using any web browser like Google Chrome, Opera, Mozila Firefox and Safari etc. Just open your web browser and visit and select Ludo star online tab. You can play the online game here if you want to download this game on PC then you have to download an emulator like Bluestacks or Andy and using the software play Apk game on it. We will also share the article below to how to play ludo star official game online. We are give you the opportunity to enjoy your favorite game online.

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Play Ludo Star Online Visit Here: Ludo Star Online Game

Ludo Star
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This is the best ludo game i have ever played. I really love this ludo game and i will share this game with my friends. We play this game together. Moreover, my forth mom win more then 5 games and she is also very good in this game. She also loved ludo board game. And now when i tell latest smart phone version of ludo they also used to play this ludo star daily. I play ludo star offline also to polish my techniques and skills. I have 5 billion gold and 5k gems at this time. Comment your's..

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Ludo Star Game For Android:

On Android devices, the users were looking for classical games every time. To recap their old memories and spent time with their past. Actually traditional games create an amazing impact in the player’s mind and connect them to that time them when they have started playing that classical games and with those they have played these games.

So, coming back to the topic, the game-berry labs just created a game on 11 February and now this game hits more than seven million downloads. hits. The classical game lovers really love this game. Because you will play this game with your friends. in apple app store Ludo star was also got released on the same date as of released for Android. In a very short span of time, Ludo Star has broken many records in apple play store.


Download For Android

Ludo Star Game For IOS:

Same on the iOS-phones, gamers were looking for classic games on their devices to recap their memories and spent time with their past. Actually traditional games create impact in the player’s mind and connect them to that time them when they have started playing that classical games and with those they have played these games.

So, coming back to the topic, in apple app store Ludo star was also got released on the same date as of released for Android. In a very short span of time, Ludo Star has broken many records in apple play store.


Download For Iphone ios


Ludo Game Rules And Regulations: (Classic Ludo Vs Ludo Star Official)

Rules for the Ludo star are almost the same as in the traditional classic Ludo game. Moreover, it also offers some new modes to play which were not adopted in the classic Ludo game. It offers One to One, Team-up and Four players random games to play on network connectivity. You can select your desired mode from Quick, Classic and Master Version, and start playing. The main difference between Classic Ludo and Ludo star is that in classic Ludo you cannot have any bet, but in Ludo star, you must place a bet to play a game.

So, placing a bet is required to play a game while the bet is placed with Gold coins which are the currency for the game to play with. But the main thing is, that you can start the game with a bet of just 500 coins up to Billions of coins, which depends on how much amount of coins you have.


Ludo Online And Its Fame

In a few months, this newly born mobile game, Ludo star became a hot topic and almost every mobile user has installed this mobile game on their devices. What if you haven’t tried Ludo star before, as mentioned before, you can install this classical game on your mobile device with just a few taps.

The installation process is very simple, just go to Android Play store, or iOS depending upon the operating system of your device and search for Ludo star. It’ll be at the top of the list. Install it and play with your family, friends or you can also make new in-game friends in the app. Emoji features for chat will make the game more fun and Yeah!!! It’s a great app for time killing.


Ludo Star Hack: (Ludo Star Safe To Play?)

Detailed Answer:

As Ludo star is an online game so any player requires a network connection to play Ludo star game. All of you data is used when you connect and tends to play Ludo star game. Its data servers work 24/7 and have much high security. Most importantly, its security updates on a regular basis. Some rumors were also, that you can get advantages and different edges while playing if you can hack this game. But anyone should know that each time the gamer start using app its data is verified from its Facebook account and if we found any illegal activity using your data then we’ll suspend your account. Moreover, any restrict or block account will never get recovered again.

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Ludo Star Tips And Tricks:

We can share some top methods and tricks and tips to play ludo star official game. The players can use some tricks or methods to increase gems that’ll help a player while playing. For more details about tricks to enhance your coins or gems do visit here:

Visit Here: Ludo Star Game Tips And Tricks


How to Play Ludo Star Game?

As you already know that this is the ludo star official game website. So the Tricks & Tricks which we were sharing there are working fine. Ludo star, offers different variations to play with, which are Classic, Master and Quick modes and you can enjoy these three modes in 1 to 1, Team up and 4 players mode. You’ll have roll the dice to move one from your 4 tokens. You can say it’s a bit of luck involved in it also, but the main thing is, your strategy from the start of the game. Playing the game through proper planning and with a good strategy will lead you towards victory.

After installation, get right into the game and select the “Play” option to enter into different modes. Choose your desired option and move towards variations available in the game. When the game starts, you’ll be able to see other player’s names, game profiles and other details. So, roll the dice, plan it perfectly and get your tokens towards home first to win the game. Moreover, you can challenge friends from social media that is connect with Ludo star and play with them or you can host tournaments also.

The last thing is, that you can buy gold coins, gems and Extra power from the store which will boost your dice and powers. That will give you more chances to win more games. Moreover, you can join the tournaments from all over the world. To compete with different players from different part of the world and win different prizes too.

How to Sign Up For Ludo Star?

Alright, signing up in Ludo Star is easy and have a much simple way. You just have to install the app before, using the App store and Play store. When you’ll open up the game app, it’ll give you an option to connect your Facebook account. It also allows to play without signing up and play with a guest account or to play the game offline just like a board game.

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