Ludo Star Online Game

Ludo star لڈو سٹار game is the most popular ludo online game. You will play this game separately or with your two friends or upto four friends. It’s totally upto you which variation of the game you want to play or what you like. There are three top variations classic, master and super.

This game is especially designed for ludo lovers that’s why we will put all board feature in the game. The only feature that is not available in the game that is you can’t throne your board. That means if you want to quit the game you have to loss your money. If you want to play ludo star online in 2018. Then this website is especially for you. You have to enable your flash or disable your adblocker first to play the game smoothly in your computer.


Ludo Star Online Game:


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How to play ludo star 2018 online:

We will make this game very easy to play. Even 13 year kid easily understand this game or win. If you want to play this game you have to enable your flash by using your chrome settings. Or if you install older version of flash player please update it. Because this game is not working with older version of Flash player. If you still unable to play this game please for 30 seconds to store cookies in your browser. Once a time the game loads completely you will play this easily.

Ludo Star Online Game Description:

Ludo Star Online Game is a very joyful game. This game Ludo star has many features and options in it that makes your attraction towards the game. Just because of these ordinary features in game. You can play this game with your friends and Family and with any person you have on Facebook, and especially you can play this game any time with anyone else in the world.

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The Ludo Star online game is the top trending game in those days. Person of every age have to play this game. This game cross the five million downloads target in very short time. The reason of why this game is so much popular is that there was no tension of money.


Ludo Star Online Game


And when we play the Ludo at our homes. There are too much tension and too much noise while playing the game. But Ludo Star online game gives us the opportunity to play this game online. We play this game to our brother that is available in the same home. Or play this game to my friend that live in different country. There are three types of variations are available now in the game. But the game owner promise to add more with the passage of time.

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Team Up Match In Ludo Star Online:


Ludo star cover all the basic rules of Ludo. That’s why they add the team up match option in the ludo star.


Team Up Match In Ludo Star Online Game


By choosing this option you will play in pairs. Like you can’t kill your friend token. And if the one player of your pair win the match. They roll the dice for you and help you to win faster.


1 On 1 Option In Ludo Star Online:

By using this feature you can play ludo with strangers that you don’t know. Because you want gold in this game to play. And you win extra gold by playing with them. Then use that gold against your friend and play with them. There are 1 on 1 option you have three variation Classic, Master and Quick many more coming soon.


1 On 1 Variation In Ludo Star Online Game


In classic mode you play natural ludo game. And in the Master variation minimum entry fee 5000 gold. This variation is very hard to play and you will play this if you are pro otherwise you lost your gold. And at the end if you don’t have enough time to play ludo. Then you will play Quick variation. In this mode, you have to kill at least one opponent token to enter the home. Who enter the home first after killing one token he will win.

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Private Table Option In Ludo Star Online:

This awesome feature is available in ludo star online game. By using this feature you will play Ludo with your friend. This feature is used for those who can’t add in your Facebook. And you want to show them your ludo skills. That’s the option you have to choose in this situation. Now you ask how to use this feature. So now i will tell you. Firstly, play the game and swipe to private table option. Then click on this image.


Private Table In Ludo Star Online Game

Then next image will open. First of all you have to select the varaiiton between Classic, Master or Quick. After choosing the varaition now it’s time to select the bet gold. After select the gold you will see the TEAM UP option. If you want to play as a team. Then tick this option otherwise leave this as it is. And finally click on create table.

Then you raise the question that how to play if my friend already make the private table. So i will tell you how to join the private table.


How to join a private table in ludo star online game

Just click on Join button. And write the code that your friend tell you to join the game. If you can’t have a table code ask your friend to give you. Hope you understand how to join the table. If you still have any issue just follow the pictures.


Ludo Star Online Game Features:

In this game, you have total four colors  red, blue, yellow and green.



  • Bet Higher and win higher. Now play with 5 million and 10 million bets.
  • Play Team up match variation, quick match variation and master variations.
  • Make friends inside the game, add players as your ‘Game Buddy’.
  • View profile of your friends and League group members.
  • Arabic and Urdu Language Support in ludo star game.
  • Read FAQs for general problems otherwise fill out the form using contact us page.
  • New setting to hide your online status.
  • Improve server and game response.
  • UI/UX Improvements.




Ludo Star Online Game

Ludo Star Online Game

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