Ludo STAR Game V.1.0.30 Is Available Now. Update your game now.

Ludo STAR game updated Apk V.1.0.30 launched in 2018 is an very interesting game in which you can play with friends and family. This game cross 5 million download in only one month. Can you think isn’t cool. This game includes four players with colors red, blue, green and yellow.

Ludo Star Game 2018 V31 Is Out – Update Your Apk Now

Are your friends really the king of Ludo? So now Bring them all! And show them who is the boss.


Ludo STAR V.1.0.30 Is Available Now

Ludo STAR V.1.0.30 Is Available Now

Ludo Star Game 2018 V.1.0.30 Updated Apk For Android:




Download Ludo Star V.30 From Google Play

Download Ludo Star V.30 From Google Play

Download Ludo Star Updated APK File V.30


Note: Many users face issues for ludo star is not working. Because we just launch new version V.1.0.30 for ludo star. Download it now and run ludo star game smoothly without lags. We fix many bugs and update our server on this update. Thanks


Ludo Star Game 2018 Version 1.0.30 Classic Features:

★–> Login with Facebook and invite your friends and family or relatives to play with you.

★–> When anyone from your facebook friend list is online in Ludo Star game. You will see the option that’s your’s friend or relative is online. This is the best part of game. That means that your friend also ready to play the game. Just go to game modes. And challenge them to play the ludo star game.

★–> After a while they will join your challenge start playing and rocking.

★–> Play with random player in 2 or 4 player matches. And even you will play offline battles for your training.
★–> Enjoy different variations: There are three variations this time are available in the game. Classic, Master or Quick and many more are on the way.


Play Ludo Star V.1.0.30 Game Online with all your favorite rules:

★–> You can even Play with your favorite rules like:


Doubling of pieceskill 1 before entering home etc. All the international rules are still applied.


★–> Download for Free!

★–> Share it with friends.
★–> Applicable to Any Ages even kids easily roll the dice and play!
★–> You will send Chat and send emoticons to other players while you play.

★–> Any time when the game it’s on peak. You will block or close chat or emoticons for some time. When your friend disturb you.

★–> If you play some outsider and they use harsh words you will simply report it to Ludo Star team. We manage reports very seriously and block that person for lifetime. Because we will make this game for fun not to insult.

★–> Bring your friends while you play.
★–> Feels like 3d Ludo Board with 3d dice

Tips: Please Enjoy Classic Ludo STAR! The more you play, the more exciting it becomes. This is the best top rated Ludo game in 2018 !!!

It is also available for iPhone and iPad.


What’s New In Ludo STAR V.1.0.30 Update:

– Chat problems fixed.
– Ludo Star Not Opening Problem Fix.
– Ads Video problem
– Fix stuck at loading
– Turn on/off in-game notification
– Mute Chat if you don’t want
– Edit country manually
– See Last Week League Result
– Bet amount in challenge
– Urdu Language support
– In-game Notification stuck problem solved
– UI/UX Improvements
– Bug Fixes
– Update Daily
– Update for google play security

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