Ludo Star Game Brand New Trick

Ludo Star Game Brand New Trick:

Ludo Star Game Brand New Trick


Ludo Star game is a brand new addiction among people. Everyone loves to playing it with their friends and family. I also spend upto 18 hours just playing this game. Even my mobile battery fully drained or my eyes start hurting.


Not only me everyone who lives in Pakistan or India love to play this game. And show everyone who is the king of ludo.


What’s Ludo Star Game?

Ludo Star is based strategy online game in which four players race their tokens or goti’s against their opponents. Or if you play against your friend race your tokens to home. And the one who finishes it first, wins the game.
“Each player rolls the dice; when the six come you begin your game, if fail you have to try again. The other players alternate turns in clock wise direction”.

How To Get Six Every Time You Roll The Dice In Ludo Star Game?

Now the time to lets talk about the new trick: There are few tips and tricks to get Six every time you roll the Dice. If you play ludo star game too much you already know the trick. Because this trick wants your concentration.
You just want to play your mind and with the help of clock. To get a six every time you roll the dice.
But today we’re going to share the simplest one with you. And if you like this trick please also share this with your friends. All you need to do is hit or roll the Dice exactly when the clock is tick at 12:15.
There is almost 99% chance that you will get a higher number or even Six. I tried this every time you just play with the clock. I can say that it works most of the Times.
Ludo star online game get six evertime you roll the dice trick Ludo star online game six trick
Enjoy the six ever time when you roll the dice exactly at this position.

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