How to Win Free Gems In Ludo Star Game On Eid ul Azha

Ludo Star Online Game Description:

Ludo Star Online game is a very awesome game of 21st century. Because everyone addicted to this game. This game Ludo star has many features and options in it that makes your attraction towards the game. Just because of these ordinary features in game. You can play this game with your friends and Family and also have with any person you have on Facebook. And especially you can play this game any time and with anyone else in the world.


The Ludo Star online game is the top trending game in those days. Person of every age have to play this game. This game cross the five million downloads target in very short time. The reason of why this game is so much popular is that there was no tension of money.


Ludo star is not dangerous:

Trust me ludo star can’t hack your private data. It only ask for access but can’t used or share your private details with anyone. They only ask for these details because they want to improve their game according to your needs and that’s it. Pakistani’s people are very fearful and some people take advantage of this thing. Some people say this game made by India that’s why they hack our data.


Do you know many other game developers are also Indian like Ludo kings, clash of kings etc. Then why they can’t used that games to hack our personal information. Trust me it’s a humor nothing more and stop believing it. In Pakistan anything is going popular people make videos and scandals on it. But trust me i also play this game almost all day. And i also study this game.


They can’t collect your personal details. One thing i will tell you for your information that Facebook is collecting more information than this game. Then why they can’t leak that? Because they also used it to improve their app Facebook. Hope now you can stop thinking about this thing. Just enjoy the game.


And when we play the Ludo at our homes. There are too much tension and too much noise while playing the game. But Ludo Star online game gives us the opportunity to play this game online. We play this game to our brother that is available in the same home. Or play this game to my friend that live in different country. There are three types of variations are available now in the game. But the game owner promise to add more with the passage of time.


Where i will used these Gems:

When you roll the dice and the number is not good. You simply used the gems and change the number according to your need. This Gems technique is very awesome because when your token is almost to die. Just use the gems and save yourself.

How to Win Free Gems In Ludo Star:

First of all, happy Eid to all people having Eid today. I know you love this game and you can’t leave it on Eid ul azha too. That’s why i will share this awesome gems trick today. You win free extra gems by using this trick. Lets go to the trick without wasting any time.


Steps to win free gems in ludo star online:

  • First of all, install ludo star using google play store.
  • And then you have to login in ludo star via Facebook by using this simple trick.
  • If you don’t have account on Facebook create it now.
  • After creating an account.
  • Sync your account to Ludo Star.
  • After you sync successfully add minimum 50 friends on Facebook.
  • Because as much friend as you have more gems you will win everyday.


Open the ludo star game

  • Open the ludo star game. By tapping on your mobile screen. Still confused follow above picture.
  • And after 3sec wait the game login screen comes.Ludo Star Login Screen
  • After the above screen comes. (Check i have only 650 gems available in my account).
  • Tap on ludo online star game dice button.
    Tap on lucky dice button in ludo star
  • And when you tap on lucky dice button the following screen pop up.Lucky dice! screen in ludo star
  • Simply click on Facebook Send And Get Dice Button.Facebook Send And Get Dice Button
  • And when you click on this button Send Lucky Dices dialog box appears. It means that first you send a free dice to your friend and then he repeat the above procedure to give you the free dice. Send Lucky Dices to your friends in ludo star game
  • That’s why i said how much friend as you have then that much dices you will get. Just tap the send all button. Or you will also send one by one by clicking on send button. Because you also add your enemies in ludo star game. And you can’t want to give them a lucky dice. No problem simply tap one by one to send lucky dices in ludo star online.
  • After you tap send all button, Facebook friends window will pop up just click on send.
  • And once your friends get a dices they will do the same and you will also get a lucky dices.
  • There was no limit to win dices. As much friends will send you as much you will get.
  • Check i have 45 lucky dices available in ludo star game.Check i have 45 lucky dices available in ludo star game
  • Just tap the dice. Where you see a green arrow. And when you tap three times you win a free gems.Check i use my two dices in ludo star download
  • Check i use my 2 gems. If i use the third one i get free gems. How cool it is.Win 10 free gems in ludo star download
  • I win ten free gems. Just because of my Facebook friends. I repeat more friends = more lucky dices = more free gems.


How much big prizes you will win in ludo star:

There was no limit to win prizes in ludo star. More dices you have more chances you have to win more.

Lucky Dice! Prizes Details:

Prizes in ludo star dice game

Triple 6 = 1000 GEMS

Triple 5 = 100 GEMS

Triple 1 = 100 GEMS



1 1 3 (PAIR) = 20 GEMS

6 6 1 (PAIR) = 20 GEMS

1 5 4 (ANY) = 10 GEMS

4 2 6 (ANY) = 10 GEMS


How to play ludo star dice game:

  1. Send lucky dices to your friends.
  2. You will get a lucky dice when they “ROLL THE DICE YOU SENT THEM”.
  3. Get 3 LICKY DICES to win the free gems prices on eid-ul-azha.
  4. You can send 1 dice to each friends per day.

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