How to win extra Gold And Gems in Ludo Star on Halloween 2017

Ludo STAR online is an very interesting game in which you can play it with your friends and family members. The game includes four players red, blue, green, yellow. This game hits the seven million downloads on google play. And three million on app store with in very short time.


People love this game very much because this was the same game, like they played on ordinary board since there childhood. Are your friends really the king of Ludo? Bring them all! Indian and Pakistani’s emperors used to play this online game once!


How to win extra Gold And Gems in Ludo Star on Halloween 2017


Have you ever play Ludo Star before? This mobile game has been quite popular recently since last year. And more and more people are choosing this online game to play with their friends. Actually Ludo Star game is the new modern version of classic Ludo board game, which has been played for over many centuries.


How to win extra Gold in Ludo Star on Halloween 2017

How to win extra Gold in Ludo Star on Halloween 2017


Classic Ludo


Ludo is a great time killer as it has been played by one generation to the next generation. It is one of the most popular board game of all time, especially in Asian countries.

Ludo involves 2 to 4 players, in which each player rolls dice to take tokens from home to finish. One who let all four tokens to the finishing line firstly will be the winner. For that purpose, a player has to get the most appropriate numbers upon rolling dice, to reach the destination fast.


Ludo Star Game 2017


As many app developers started making classic games for the mobile devices. So, in March’17, Ludo Star was released in market and it has just broken many records, also having increase in number of players day by day. Ludo Star is available for both Android and iOS devices.


Like the traditional classic Ludo game 2017, rules are almost the same in Ludo star. It offers different modes from 1 on 1 to multi-player random mode, you have versatile options. So, you can play game in quick, classic, and master version. But the main and only difference between Ludo Star & Classic Ludo board game is that you must bet for the upcoming game before its start, with the gold coins and gems. Though, the gold and gems is a fake currency in this game. You can start game with just 500 golds to billions, depending on your skills in game.


Win Free Coins & Gems on Halloween:

Following are the two simple ways to get free coins and gems in ludo star game:


First Method: For Daily Gems:

No need to download or install any app you just have to add 20 friends today and win free gems. We will share the most active player list below and this was help you to add friends for daily dice. We will update this list please visit daily and add 20 players daily. Share this list with your friends so they are also add these friends.


Note: Can’t add more than 20 because your id will be restrict by Facebook if you will over use this feature.


Second Method: For Free Gold And Gems:

You can also win surprises by opening daily chest. So open daily chest in Ludo star after every 24 hours regularly to win more bigger surprises. Especially, we will hide bigger surprises on Halloween. So you have to update your app before Halloween and never miss your surprise in ludo star game. Please comment what you get on that day.

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