How to win extra gold daily in ludo star game

How to win extra gold daily in ludo star game

Today, I will share how to win extra gold daily in ludo star game. I will post the step by step method with screenshots. So you will understand better how to do this. So lets start:


First of all install ludo star game if you haven’t install yet. Just go to google play store and install it free. After the download is complete. The Ludo Star game icon look like this. (Screenshot attach below) Just click on the game icon.


Ludo Star Online Game Login Screen


And then wait while it’s loading. It takes 20 sec maximum.


The welcome screen look like this.

Ludo Star Welcome Screen

After this screen was showing. Then click on the magic box and still if you can’t found it don’t worry. I will attach the screenshot below.

Magic Box In Ludo Star

Just click on it. And then the magic box window was appear in ludo star game. This was almost look like this. You will win upto 50k gold coins daily by doing the same steps.


Magic Chest Tap To Open Screen In Ludo Star

Then tap anywhere on the screen. To open the mystery box and see what’s inside. You will win this bonus daily without any effort. I think it’s cool isn’t?

Win Free Gold In Ludo Star Game

Yahooo! I win 1600 coins free of cost. Just tap the magic box. And when it opens this money is added to my total earning. This game is awesome everyone like this.


But wait it’s not over here. If you want more boxes. You have to pay 50 INR only to win three extra boxes. If you want to buy those boxes just follow the steps below.


Buy More Magic Chest Free Of Cost In Ludo Star Game

Click on green button. And then he asked for your payment details. Just fill the details and after this process 3 magic boxes added into your account. You have to just tap or follow the above options to win extra gold coins.


Note: I am working on how to get 5 extra magic boxes free everyday. If you want this trick just comment below and i will post it too.


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