How to get a SIX in Ludo STAR Game Every time

Ludo STAR:

Ludo STAR is a brand new Ludo board game which is also available on Android and iOS and people are now addicted to it. There are already many Ludo Star games available on Google Play Store and App Store and even online. But Ludo STAR is very unique and awesome because it resembles to the classic Ludo game with 3d board and 3d dice. We already play Ludo too many times with our friends. There is no one there who can’t play ludo even one time.

Ludo STAR Game:

How to get a SIX in Ludo STAR Game Every time:

There is too much difficult to get six in physical ludo game. But in this Ludo STAR game. I will share trick how you will get sixes and beat your friends. And show them who was the real king of Ludo.



The trick is pretty very simple and all you need to do is to play it with the clock. When the clock exactly at 12:15 and then  you throw the dice you will probably get a SIX or any higher number. One thing you have to notice that you roll the dice exactly at 12.15 to get a six. Many youtubers and especially Angry Trip figured out this trick and we are awful to him. I also upload the same video to help you. Hope you will never loss in Ludo STAR after knowing this trick.

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