Handicapped people also love ludo star game

Today i will share one of our emails reading ludo star game:

We will promise to make this game for everyone even handicapped people play this game.


Ludo Star For Handicapped People

Below i will share the email:


my name is Mohammad Aloufi from Saudi Arabia.

I am a blind person, I use apple ios devices like iphone and ipad.

I downloaded the ludo star game from the app store, but unfortunately it is not accessible with the screen reader called voice over.

Voice over is a screen reader in apple devices that reads the screen for blind people.

It is already built in on every apple device, iphone, ipad, and mac devices also.

This ludo star game is totally not accessible with voice over, it means when I start the app, voice over can’t read anything on the screen, and that means I can’t play it and also a lot of blind people can’t play it too.

All my family and friends are playing the game, but I can’t do it because of that it is not accessible.

I do understand if you are guys new to such thing.

But here are more info about it.


Apple has created a guide for devs that want to make their apps accessible, here is the link:



and also, just in case your game is built with unity:



and if you want more input, I invite you to register in the audio games forums:



and also in the apple vis website forum:



those 2 websites has a lot of blind people gamers.

Please support accessibility in the future version of ludo star, I am really looking forward for your reply.



Trust me we work very hard to make this game more awesome. And i will assure you that we will add this voice option very soon in the game.

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