Get Unlimited Ludo Star Gems On This Eid

If you really want to get unlimited ludo star gems. Read this article at the end. Because, we are going to share the method for getting gems that nobody can share on the internet. I can’t going to share any wrong and non working methods but to share the working and self tested methods.

Ludo Star Game:

As you all know, that Ludo Star Game is the best board game in 2017 for mobile phones. If you can’t play ludo star till now. Then what are you waiting for. Download it now and play it with your friends. And tell him who is the king of ludo. We know that google removes our game ludo star from google play store due to some reasons. But anyway, this game hits the 5 million hits on google play within 2 month after developing this game. This game also available in the top charts of google play till 2017. But now the game was removed from google play but we have some good news for Iphone users. They can still download the ludo star game from apple app store.

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Video Tutorial For How To Get Gems In Ludo Star Game:

How to get ludo star gems in android mobile phones:

After google removes our game from there play store. Our players faced a big issue about how to get gems? Because previously they can buy the gems from play store. But how they get it now. Because gems play an important role in the game. Everyone who play this ludo game want gems. So we are going to share the methods of getting gems for play store or android users.

But if Iphone users also want gems they can also used these methods. Or they also had a chance to buy the gems from app store. Please note, that some people send us screenshot that they can buy gems from app store and can’t get in there game. So please email the app store because they can’t release or send the payment in our accounts. That’s why you can’t get your gems or coins. So please send email to app store for having this issue. This game is available on itunes for apple users. Do you know this is very difficult task to get ludo star gems now. But we will make this easy for you.

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Iphone Users Still Buy Gems But Android Users Can’t:

Iphone users easily purchase gems in this game. By just click on cart button and you had different package choose your desired package. Fill the following details and enjoyed your gems. But, there is one problem for android users, because previously they can also do the same method for getting gems. But now the google removes the game from play store. Then how they can get gems. So, that’s why I was writing this article. And I am going to share the methods for getting gems below.

Win Unlimited Ludo Star Gems On This Eid:

We all know, that Ramzan is the month of blessings. Everyone wait for this month for whole year. So with the blessings of Ramzan we are going to give 5000 (Five thousand) gems to our 50 lucky customer. You just want to subscribe our youtube channel. And we can choose 5 lucky youtube subscribers randomly on this Eid. And email them for there game player id and add gems in to the game. Is not it’s cool?


What is Gems and how to get it in Ludo Star Game?

Gems are also one of the currencies in the game. It allows you to undo the last rolled dice as if they were never rolled. It helps you during the game by giving you another chance to get the number you want. Thus, making the game more interesting.

Earning FREE gems in ludo online:

Gems can be earned by sending and receiving lucky dice. Connect the game with your Facebook account and start sending lucky dice to your Facebook Friend. When they roll your sent dice, then you also get back a dice in return. Once you have 3 lucky dices then you can roll them and based on the pattern you will get free gems.

Alternatively, you can buy gems from Play store / App store. We are going to share the list of most active ludo star player for getting dice daily. And win free gems daily.

List of most active players in ludo star game:











































Note: We are updated this list on daily basis. So visit this article daily to get more gems or get more dices in the game. Please send 20 requests per day because Facebook locked your account if you can break there policies. So please be calm and send slowly. The Facebook have the 5000 friends limit so please add only active friends so you can get 5000 dices daily from your friends. 

Win Leagues And Get Ludo Star Gems And Coins:

All ludo star players very well known about ludo star leagues. If you are unaware of them please read from here about ludo leagues. Try to win, league on every weekend. If you win the league you will get gems and coins in bulk.

Are there hacks for getting free gems/gold in the game?

Our system is very secure and there are no hacks to get free gems or gold. No external tool or website will be able to help you in getting gems or gold. Please, be away from using any  Stay away from Phishing sites.

Some website claims to give your free gems or gold. They also ask you for giving your Facebook / Gmail account details. Please be away from them, they might result in loss of your Facebook or Gmail account.

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