Does ‘Ludo Star Game’ have some hidden features?

Does ‘Ludo Star Game’ have some hidden features?

Yes, trust me we are Pakistani’s and we know “Jugarss” very well. And one youtuber don’t know their name. Show the trick how to get six every time while playing ludo in Ludo star. Because in reality that’s very difficult.


Ludo Star Game:

Simple Trick To Get Six Every time In Ludo Star:

The online game Ludo star which has crossed five Million downloads in very small period of time. Ludo Star just released by GameBerry Studios is among the majority of discussed on social media about this game or in every city.



Ludo can easily label as the top national game of Pakistan and even in India. We all grew up while playing this game. Since our childhood, we have been very addicted to this game Ludo. Be it on a board game, or on mobile apps, we all wants to win it. And become the king of Ludo.


Friends Play Game On Board At Home


Getting sixes 6’s on the right time is very important in this ludo game, but it is not that easy to get what you desire in the simple old board game. The Pakistani and even Indian so called Awaam is very good in at finding tips and tricks, or maybe you called it “Jugaars” to fulfill their desires or become the boss.


The simplest as well as the greatest method to get a guaranteed six in ludo star is that you may simply play with the counter.


A YouTube user (I don’t know their name, you will read it while watching video). Apparently a Ludo Star wizard, has shared a Ludo Star trick. Which allows you to get a SIX every time you play this game.

  • Wait till the clock reaches exactly at 12:15




  • Press the dice the second time when it reaches 12:15



  • There are 90% chances that you get a 6 or any other higher number on the dice.


  • If you want second six wait exactly at 12:10. To get first six you will roll the dice at 12:15 and when you can do your second time. Then roll the dice exactly at 12:10. Enjoy six every time and become the boss of Ludo Star.



Watch The Full Video Here On One Of The Secret Hacks Of Ludo Star!



So now you are ready to win your very next game?


Remember me in your prayers. 🙂 And also when you get six in this game.Enjoy!

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