Conquerors of the island

Conquerors of the island Online Game:

Conquerors of the Island Online Game

Conquerors of the island Description:

The Conquerors of the Island flash arcade online game will be based upon the early video game Ludo. The major goal will be to guide almost all the tokens via the area and also catch the pyramid. You ought to avoid the tokens of an additional contest from carrying out that. Whenever you capture the token you toss him or her to the starting of the manner. Similar to the video game SORRY!


Conquerors of the island Instructions:


Instructions: Mouse click on the dice to roll your own turn. Your own men make your own BASE on a six merely. You may also roll once again on a six. Quit on an opponent to send him or her back in his base. You can play this game by using your mouse. This game is very easy and with their awesome graphics also help you to play this game without any problem. Your only goal is winning. If you loss once. Play again and again. And show them all who is the king of Conquerors of the island.

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