Ludo Star Game

Ludo Star Game

Ludo Star Online Game:

Ludo STAR is a very awesome game. In this game, you have total four players (colors) red, blue, yellow and green. This is not compulsory that you have four Friends at a time to play the Ludo STAR Game Online. You have an option to play with just one friend either person you know or you don’t know and also play with two or three players. Ludo STAR also gives you a feature to play offline.

Ludo Star Game:

Ludo Star Game Description:

In earlier days you plays Ludo on your Ludo Sheet with physically existence of other player at your place. But Ludo STAR solves this problem. Now you only want to install Ludo Star in your device and enjoy Ludo with your friends. And I remember sometimes my tokens are missed.


Then I go to market first and buy new one. But now it’s very easy to play Ludo in anytime. In the meantime to play Ludo on sheet, all friends should have to be available on current place. But now there is no need you can play Ludo with friends, anywhere in the world with yours friends.


I know your friends beat you many times in Ludo and they are the king of Ludo. But now it’s your turn to beat them all and get higher scores. Only you have to install this game now and Bring them all! And show them who is the king of Ludo. Play offline session and train yourself.


Below I will share some tricks and tips which are working in this game, which should help you to beat your friends in the game. Indian and Pakistan emperors used to play this game once!

Ludo STAR Game Classic Features:

★–>You can also play this game as a guest.

★–>Also you have login with Facebook and invite your Facebook friends and family members to come and play with you.

★–> Play with random player in 2 or 4 player matches

★–> Play in different variations: Classic, Master or Quick and many more coming soon.

★–> Play with your favourite rules like:


Doubling of pieceskill 1 before entering home etc.


★–> Download for Free!

★–> Applicable to Any Ages!

★–> Chat and send emoticons to other players while you play. And show your emotions among other players.

★–> If your friend send too much emotions and chat you will close this chat option also for some time.

★–> It Feels like 3d Ludo with 3d board and dice.


Tips: Please Enjoy Classic Ludo STAR Game! The more you play, the more exciting it becomes. Best Ludo game in 2017 and 2018!!!

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